“The Edge” is accepting new members!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I'm really pleased to announce some great news.

We're officially accepting new members for the next cohort of “The Edge”, our private community for Restaurant & Hospitality Professionals.

And now we’re offering annual memberships for just $100.

Come be a part of the community, and join entrepreneurs, management, and executives from countries around the world.

When we started our management careers, we did it because we wanted to learn, and take on some responsibility. It turned into an amazing career in an industry that we love!

But It was hard and lonely. We didn't have anyone to ask for help, get feedback from, etc.

We knew there had to be a better way for restaurateurs to get support, motivation, and important information.

So we built this community to be a place for up-and-coming restaurateurs, or experienced pros to chat, share best practices, partner, and learn from each other.

We’ve got operators working on everything from managing labor shortages, to inflation… menu design to management development. And while the expertise varies, the same struggles pop up in everybody’s journey.

• How to deliver the right product to the right audience.

• How to become profitable doing something you love.

• How to move forward in the industry you are passionate about. • How to find the mentorship that you are lacking.

This is what “The Edge” members work through together.

And this is the community we wish existed when we were in your position. Be it just getting started, or leading an organization.

Here's what you can expect:

• A 24/7/365 virtual networking community: Powered by Slack, our workspace is open 24/7 with best practices, support groups, feedback rooms, and more.

• A robust events platform: We host monthly events - a mix of workshops that go deep on a subject with open Q&A, interviews with successful operators and restaurateurs, networking events.

• An ever-growing resource center: We've got resources on HR, Finance, operations and more, to help you expedite your journey.

If you enjoy participating in a collaborative, fun environment, then this is the community for you.

We're offering annual memberships for $100, and you can become a member here.

Hope to see you inside!


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