How third party business support goes from costly to comfortable...


I am sure that so many of you who are considering external coaching, strategic assistance or training for employees are immediately concerned with the price tag that comes with hiring a specialist. After all, specialists are expensive and margins are tight... right? 2020 was crazy and 2021 is unpredictable... right? There are ways around these challenges.

TaylorCo Consulting was built around the passion we have for working with, and helping managers, owners and companies grow and move forward. We are also passionate about finding ways to achieve our goals while ensuring a good fit for our partners and clients. We work individually with each client to create a package that works for them, usually through a combination of 3 things.

1) We are a boutique consultancy firm that caters each package to the client that it is designed for. We arent a one price, take it or leave it firm. We want what is best for you.

2) We combine services based on hourly, and daily rates to fit what it is that you are looking for. This allows us to work specifically with you in order to achieve your goals at a price that isnt so scary.

3) We are well versed in the Canadian Job Grant programs that exist provincially and will be happy to coach you through how to request government support in order to provide your team with more training, coaching and support.

Check out an example here! WorkBC - B.C. Employer Training Grant

Reach out, lets chat, there are ways to make working with a firm like us far more affordable than you think!



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