"Because we have always done it that way..."

Think about what our day to day life would be like if Steve Jobs was just ok with computers operating the same way they always had? Or if Uber had just accepted that the taxi industry was the best it was ever going to get if you needed a ride somewhere? Or if any famous inventor just settled for the way things were? Where would we be now? Probably in the same place we were then!

Now, Im not saying I am an inventor(not even close,) and I am not saying that what I do is revolutionary... but it is innovative, and it does challenge the status quo at least in one industry. Restaurants.

For the most part restaurants have always operated exactly the same. There is a host at the door, a server that comes to your table, a bartender that pours your drinks, a chef that prepares your meal, and probably some sort of management cruising around the room.

The great thing about this is, that people all over the world love it. People get so much joy out of dining out with friends and family. It is a staple part of society and a major industry in most parts of the world.

I have spent my entire adult life working in restaurants, and will continue to moving forward because there are few jobs or careers that teach you as much, challenge you as much and are as much fun!

I also love the creativity and innovation that a career in hospitality provides for people to showcase. New design, food, and beverage ideas are being created all the time! The concern that I have with this is that there is a lack of creativity around how to run the BUSINESS. There is a reason that people often say that working in a restaurant "isn't a real job"... and thats because unfortunately so many restaurants are run in ways that lack systems, structure, training, and high financial margins. They definitely ARE real businesses, but because they may lack those things they are often viewed differently than other "real" businesses. If you have had a career in restaurants I am sure you can relate to this.

This is where I want to make an impact. This is where there is huge opportunity in the industry. To inject systems and strategies that take away the guessing game, remove variables, and create predictability so that these REAL businesses can make REAL money!

Think about these things for a minute... You're a manager running a shift... I would like you to tell me how you control them.

- Guest spend?

- Staff wages?

- Day of the week?

- Weather?

- Restaurant design?

- Competition?

- Product pricing?

- Total sales?

So, now that you realize you can't control any of those, I would also like you to think about why you try to build sales by "featuring", why you try to achieve the same labor cost % every day of the week(or even week of the year), and why you hope that building sales will solve all of your problems.

Without proper systems and strategies in place to impact the results that those variables affect, you can never predict, forecast or expect good results! This is where I strongly believe there is innovation required.

Im sure you have guessed by now that I have some good ideas too. ;)

Labor as a % of sales, food cost %, and even sales targets are all typically imaginary numbers that someone has set as a target. However far too often, the strategy required in order to ACHIEVE those numbers is missing. We get results and strategies mixed up, and then wonder why we come up short, or are inconsistent, or can't replicate the results.

This, to me is the area that the industry needs to focus its energy, so that it can rebound from the hole it finds itself in, so companies can survive, grow, and provide people with the experiences and jobs they love!

If you have read this far, you must agree with me... at least a little bit

Get in touch with me so we can work together to create a more sustainable business future for restaurants!


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