Happy New Year!

For some people this year that means more than for others, and it likely means something different for everybody than it has ever meant before.

Depending where you look, what you search for or who you talk to, you’re bound to find opinions on what 2021 will bring. Socially, medically and economically it will likely be hard to predict, but there is one thing that is for sure and that is that whenever challenges arise, as they did in 2020, opportunities are sure to come from them. Hopefully we get to experience a “roaring 20’s” of our own similar to what was experienced after the last pandemic...

To me, I’m looking at 2021 to be a glass half full kind of year. Personally, professionally and for the clients I work with 2021 has the potential to be a year of learning and growth. Planning for the unknown is difficult but it is also when some of the greatest ”blue ocean” strategies have come to be. New ways of looking at individual businesses or even entire industries. (If you haven’t heard of blue ocean, ask me...)

Unpredictability will force us to look at sales streams, profit initiatives and team accountabilities differently than they have ever been looked at before. We will be forced to look at things like permanently implementing 100% remote work, 4 day work weeks, unlimited vacation, and flexible scheduling.

Businesses will have to create strategies around how to be profitable in a world where they can’t guarantee that they will have revenue, or even if their employees will be able to come to work!

They will have to focus on how efficiently they can run in order to create more profit, rather than just waiting to find out what hits the bottom line at the end of the month.(We specialize in this one!)

To me this has the potential to be very exciting and if approached properly, could create new unexpected opportunity for people and businesses alike.

Currently, all of my clients and I are talking about growth, about opportunity in their business or industry and about differentiation. We are implementing strategies to safeguard against what “could“ happen, while also finding new ways to measure productivity, efficiency, and how to stay ahead of the unknown in every way possible.

Although I understand that 2020 was a terrible year for many people, and we all had our individual struggles through it, I remain optimistic along with my clients that 2021 will bring forth new ideas, and new growth.

Here’s to the start of a new year, and to new relationships, experiences, learnings and opportunities!


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