2020, a year of dramatic change and uncertainty in business...

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Nearly every business in the world has experienced some sort of change that they didn’t foresee coming. From revenue change, to government restriction, to limited accessibility to their clients and customers.

We will never be able to predict exactly what is going to happen in any business, however a great plan is definitely the way to ensure you can ride the wave of whatever challenges your business is going to face.

The ability to pivot is also an essential business skill that has never been more important than now, as the business landscape is changing by the day.

I have had several conversations recently about uncertainty, about tightening budgets, and about revenue loss... however quite often these conversations also end up presenting great opportunity for businesses to look at their structure differently! Now more than ever is a time to plan for the short term, plan 90-120 days at a time, set different benchmarks that show incremental wins, and measure results differently than in the past. It is for these reasons that hiring short term, and on specific contract can be very beneficial in times like today.

  • A specific project, a strategic coach, or hiring for something you don’t have the time to focus on can all allow you to spend time where you see fit.

  • A short term financial commitment, savings on fringe costs, and little to no supervision requirements are all benefits.

  • An external, objective view of your business can offer different perspective, bring ideas that are new and outside the box, and assist with the necessary pivot that you may be faced with.

I believe that every business needs a guide, coach or mentor that can help them remain objective and focused on the things that will gain them the best ROI. I also believe that the partnering of businesses in order to win is more important now than ever. My mission is to connect with people, learn about their business, and look to add value in any way possible.



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